A thought on April 28th

It’s my birthday. I love getting older. It happens every year. As time passes, I find myself apologizing less and less for spending this precious time on earth the way I want to spend it, with the work and the people I feel drawn to connect with. For me, that’s the big gift that comes with getting older. Freedom from the tyranny of the ‘shoulds.’

3 thoughts on “A thought on April 28th

  1. I absolutely agree . . . many people think I waste my time and that i “should” do more of this and less of that (“How do you find the time for _____ . . . .I’m just TOO busy!). Well, you find time for things/people you love. I chose to have a lifestyle with less money and more time so i can spend my days exactly how i want to. I don’t regret it for a second!

  2. Lynn, so great to get your message. Ditto! As long as you have enough money to cover the basics, time spent with the people you really want to spend time with – doing what you love to do – most of the time, if we didn’t brush our teeth, for example, they’d fall out – well, that’s happiness I think. Sometimes we just forget we have a choice. Love the pic!

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