True love

The truth is I really love my work. I know some people like to take a break from work. Not me. What’s more interesting that writing a novel you feel compelled to write? Or narrating something that engages your soul? ZIp.

Of course there is the exhaustion thing.

“Why don’t you take a break?” a friend says. “Come out with us on Saturday. It’ll be fun.”

No it won’t. I’d be itching to get back to the audiobook I’m narrating for Tantor.

Or writing up the scene I’ve been thinking about putting into my new novel for over a week. Thing is, I know Mia has to experience intense chemistry and connection with someone the moment they meet, question is where do they meet? On the plane? By the bookstand at the airport? Taking their shoes off before going through security?

And what is she going to do? Let him know how she feels? Or feign indifference, as she usually does.

I’ve my own novel to finish, two books to narrate and a screenplay of The English American to complete. I’ve a lot on my plate.

I can do all of it if I get up at 4.30 and ignore the laundry and the cooking.

And when I’m so tired I can’t see, perhaps then I’ll consider taking a trip to the ocean. As long as I can bring my laptop.