Uk Search and Support

UK Search and Support

The links below will help you find adoption support resources in your area.

The following list of UK links came from, which also has an very useful site.

Adoption / Foster Care
This site is full of articles written by young people who have a link with adoption, listing suggested reading and youth sites.

Adoption Tracker
Provides a free and unique internet-based service which tries to match the details of all its registrants with the details of those whom they are seeking.

Adoption UK
Support for adoptive families before, during and after adoption. They offer information and run a helpline (0800 7700 450 Mon-Fri 11am-4pm).

Birthlink runs the Contact Register for Scotland and offer support, advice and counselling.

(Kate McDougal & Gary Clapton)

British Association for Adoption & Fostering (BAAF)
A leading membership organisation for agencies and individuals concerned with adoption and fostering. The website holds the latest news on adoption reform, access to legislative documents, research reports and publications.

Every Child Matters
This site is for anyone interested in adoption and features information about policy, practice and national standards in adoption.

Fathers Direct
The National Information Centre on Fatherhood

Family Futures
A charity offering support and counselling for those who have suffered abuse or trauma in their family.

Lookup UK
A resource for finding lost friends or relatives.

National Organisation for the Counselling of Adoptees and Parents (NORCAP)
Provides advice and support to adopted people and their birth relatives.

National Children’s Home
NCH provides a wide range of services including family and community centres and special schools for over 16,000 children and young people.
Carelaw (part of NCH Action for Children)
Website specially designed for young people in care.

The Site
Information on just about anything – lots of addresses and links to helpful organisations.

UK Birth Adoption Register
A resource for all adopted people, birth parents and relatives wishing to contact one another. There is a one-time registration fee of £10.00.

Who Cares?
We are a national charity working to improve public care for around 60,000 children and young people who are separated from their families and living in residential or foster care.

Youth Information
Offers information and resources and loads of links to other useful information.